So Long Lakeview

I suppose it’s a good thing when I say that this internship has flown by. The time passed so quickly, but I don’t feel like it escaped me. I feel as if I took advantage of the opportunities this internship and the locality offered. Through my job, I was able to see amazing landscapes in remote areas that very few people ever see. On the weekends, I did my own traveling, mostly around Oregon. I treated these weekends like adventures, pushing my physical and mental boundaries, and I ended up making great memories with some great people.

I thoroughly enjoyed the duties I was assigned this summer. I was excited to go out in the field almost every day. The best part of the job was that my fellow intern and I were given the chance to work without supervision. We both liked having the responsibility and freedom that comes with planning our day. The trust that my mentor and the other members in the office had in me boosted my confidence. I am continuing on to a short-term position in L.A. after this, and I feel no apprehension though the work and the city will be completely new experiences for me.

I just want to say thank you to all the people that make the CLM internship possible!

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