The End

If you are considering a future in conservation/ecological investigation this is a great internship opportunity.  During my internship I was able to explore various strange natural habitats and search for interesting unfamiliar plant species.  I have spent the past 10 months gaining experience that I intend to utilize and expand on in my future studies.  I’ve developed working relationships with some really cool people who are passionate about their work and realize that species recovery requires experimentation and hard work.  I suppose that is my A-Ha! moment.  As conservationists we mustn’t be afraid of “unnatural” active recovery efforts, lets face it, “We are already running the whole Earth, whether we admit it or not” (Emma Marris).

As an intern I performed the following activities:

  • Measured and monitored rare plant populations
  • Collected and processed seed for restoration and recovery
  • Mapped potential rare plant habitat using GIS
  • Managed and analyzed large datasets of climate data
  • Rare plant propagation and care
  • Plant and insect identification

-Aaron M. Thom

Hollister CA BLM Office

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