Kiwi in Wyoming

Hi, I am Alex and I’m Interning this summer with Adrienne Pilmanis, the state lead for Botany, BLM based out of the Wyoming State office.

The past four weeks have been a huge jump for me, moving from the now seemingly tiny and temperate country of New Zealand and being plonked down in the middle of a gigantic, dry continent. I’m having fun getting my head around the way “things work” in this country…banking, insurance, driving on the right hand side of the road [Insert long and ever expanding list here]…you know, all those things you take for granted when you’ve grown up with them and your parents showed you how to do them?? It seems many of my instincts are nul and void over here.

Despite necessary evils of getting my life organised, I’m absolutely loving being here! I guess it helps that the first weeks of work involved driving up to Lander and into the Big Horn Basin area with Adrienne. I spent the past 2 weeks visiting beautiful places and learning about what plantey things people are doing in this state, especially with regards SOS, plant conservation and reclamation planning/studies. Its fascinating and I’m really excited!

Here are a few pictures taken on said adventures, I have many more if anyone is interested in seeing lots of pictures of landscapes, flowers, often with bugs in them… also small mammals (we don’t actually have native mammals in NZ, and I’m a fan, so this place is full of endless entertainment for me).

Fossicking for forbs

SOS Scouting the sagebrush near gashills with Lander interns botanizing in beautiful places

Barneby's clover (Trifolium barnebyi)

Looking for dieback in sensitive species endemic to Wyoming

More plant hunting

Botanizing in Beautiful places

 Back in the office this week to do some “real work”… But looks like more explorations are lining themselves up soon 🙂


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