6 Weeks Inside the Beltway

My work continues on the seed use survey. Since my last blog I have worked on improving the survey for subsequent years and gathering missing data for the current analysis. The end result will be a more complete picture of what seed is being bought and used for management projects, and will result in better policy for seed use  throughout the agency.

I have also been prepping for the Annual Conservation Seed Workshop. I helped put together the presentation for the Division Chief that will cover the BLM coordination with the seed industry. In conjunction with other topics that will be discussed at the workshop I performed a literature review on the topic of “novel ecosystems” and the concept’s implications for plant conservation.

My special forest products project has continued and I am now performing “database drilling” where I expand three-dimensional spreadsheets to uncover information about the permits being issued for native seed collection on BLM land. This information will be used to guide the efforts of a newly formed committee that will be working on reforming permitting processes and policies for natives.

I also attended the Plant Conservation Alliance Federal Committee meeting where there was discussion between agency partners on the new memorandum of understanding to continue the partnership and increase the number of members committed to native plant conservation.

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