“Oh Yes, Wyoming!”

  • Destination:  Rock Springs, WY
  • Mission:  Seeds of Success
  • Mood:  Enthusiastic

     Standing beneath the midnight stars at a rest stop in the Bonneville Salt Flats after hastily constructing a bed accross the passenger seat of my car I had more time to consider what may lie beyond the horizon, both literally and figuratively…mostly figuratively.

     Yes, there would be plenty of sagebrush in southwestern Wyoming.  Everyone knows that, right?  But what else would be waiting for me in this new, dry land–this wild arena of mystery and vastness that would become my home for the next five months?

     I envisioned an endless swath of flat desert, dotted with solitary hills and lonely roads disappearing into the unknown.  Rock Springs itself sounded like the kind of rough and tumble town you’d stop in for the evening to tie up your horse and hang your hat after a long day’s ride through the great, American steppe.

     Upon arrival it became clear that whatever changes this adventure held in store for me would be welcomed and explored with curiosity and patience.  Indeed, Rock Springs bears little resemblance, physically or in cultural atmosphere, to Berkeley, CA, from where I began this journey, but I foresee the myriad differences serving to foster in me an attitude of excitement and acceptance, a proclivity toward adaptation.

     Rock Springs is beautiful.  I am happy to be out of my comfort zone and in a new land full of opportunity.  Opportunity to explore the West, to meet new people, to see new things and to see things anew.  My time with the BLM is still in its infancy; I’ve been here only a couple weeks and have yet to really delve into my internship.  But I’ve definitley enjoyed the days I’ve spent in the field so far.

Lots of space, lots of wildlife, lots of wind, lots of trucks, lots of outdoor recreation, lots of friendly folk.   “Oh Yes, Wyoming!”

-Chris McCoy

Botany Joke of the Month:  What’s a sheep’s favorite flower?

Answer:  Phlox!

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