Good Things About the Mojave

1) When I put cheese on my sandwich and spend the day in the field, the cheese is perfectly melted by lunchtime.

2) This is one of the least disturbed regions of the U.S. My job of monitoring wilderness characteristics has trained me to distinguish between natural and cultural influences on the landscape. While there is evidence of failed ranching and mining endeavors scattered among current infrastructure for resource (electricity, gas, and water) transport to cities, this landscape is huge. Solar projects and other developments seriously impact treasured species, but the landscape has survived in many places. I have climbed mountains, scanned over 30 miles in multiple directions, and not been able to detect a single human deed.

I shudder to think what life would be like here, with no air conditioned truck to take me back to an air conditioned office and house. I marvel that it has been done for generations.

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