Greeting From the East Coast!

Hello everyone! I’m Allen, and if the 2010 CLM intern list was any guide I’m the only intern on the east coast. Today marks the 4th week I’ve been a CLM intern with the C&O Canal National Park and I’m glad to have had the chance to do different things almost every week in different places. My first two weeks I worked with the NPS Inventory and Monitoring of DC and learned the identity of many plants as we worked plots in some of the National Parks in central-northern Virginia and central Maryland.

The 3rd week I spent in Catoctin Mountain Park in northern Maryland, marking with GPS and reporting the state-endangered Long-bracted Orchis. Though rather inconspicuous, it was still somewhat exciting as this was the first endangered plant I had seen in the weed.

This 4th week was different yet again. I worked with EA Engineering, Science and Technology employees  at the C&O canal in Hancock (western Maryland) and identified all plants along an unwatered stretch of the canal that is planned on being rewatered in the future. In addition to being a learning experience, this also ended up being a test of my botany skills and I was pleased to be able to keep up with the employees and be a true help rather than just a burden. Unfortunately my only photos are from this week.

If this past month is indicative of the future months to come, I think this will be an excellent summer.  See some of you at the Grand Canyon training in a couple weeks!

Allen Dupre

Hagerstown, MD


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