The Modern Day Mountain Man

Hiking long days and under the sun so bright,
I return to my pick-up by the start of night.
Stomach aches at the thought of warm brie,
So I sit down to enjoy my MRE.
The wind picks up, the dust clouds zig and zag,
I find a nice spot to put out my sleeping bag.
The stars lit up and the satellites moving with grace,
I lay down with my hat to cover my face.
The morning starts with a well thought plan,
For I am the modern day mountain man.

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About I found myself lost

I found myself in Ohio from birth and throughout my live until the age of 25. A state which I love, but have left behind many times. Since my first excursions as a child up to Canada with my family, I have set fourth on my own to explore the world. 2005 was the first year I ventured far from my home. Mexico it was, traveling around the cultural icons from centuries ago. Australia followed in 2007. Working my way around the land down under for an endangered species breeding program was amazing and so was Sydney, in all of her glory. This taste for travel only grew. However, I forgot to discover the land I live in. Ney York, Florida, California, Montana and Wyoming were all stops I made. Then the international bug bit. Finished with my masters and just enough money to get me home I was off. Ukraine. The country I most likely would visit in the cold death of winter. Days of -8F as a high. After a month, I found myself back home. Ohio. The Buckeye State. The state closest to my heart of all. Yet, with great strugle in my heart, I left her once again to explore. Now, and for longer than ever, I left her. Onwards and upwards I shall continue to go, but I shall always return to my love, OHIO.

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