Lichens and backpacking

In the past month, I have been steadily working on my three lichen projects.  My academic paper on new and interesting lichens to Florida (which may become two or three papers) is very close to completion.  The key to Florida macrolichens is also close to completion and will be finished by next month’s post. Lastly, digitization of the lichen collection at Boise State University progresses steadily.

On weekends, I have been able to travel around Idaho in the past month, and soak in the beauty of the state. Two weekends ago, I went to a small town north of Boise. The town is known as Cabarton, which is really a pioneer town that is now a road. The town was important in the 1800s because it had a stagecoach station (which now sits on my friends property). A short distance down the road, is the North Fork of the Payette River. I was able to boat down it as a passenger. Its hard to describe the beauty of water swirling, in rapids and calm eddies. All the while looking up into the peaks of mountains dominated by Douglas fir forests.

Last weekend, I went backpacking in the Pioneer Mountains. The area I climbed was around Hyndman Mountain, which was just over 12,000 feet. It was my first time over 10,000 feet and 11,000 feet. On one hike I had a clear view of 30-40 miles and of the valley below. Personally, it was important to get outside and see what I am protecting and enjoy the scenery. I was amazed that even at 11,000 feet there were lichens growing in the alpine soil. My boss has no records of lichens in the Pioneer Mountains, so I hope to curate them and donate any significant lichens to the BSU herbarium.


BLM Idaho State Office

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