You down with BOP? Yeah you know me…

Blowout Penstemon (BOP). It’s endangered and it’s only found in Wyoming and Nebraska… and nowhere else. Originally discovered in Wyoming by Ferdinand Hayden in 1877, the plant was thought to no longer exist in Wyoming, only in Nebraska where it was first discovered. However, in 1996 a botanist from the BLM rediscovered the species in Carbon County.
This perennial herb, this pioneer of a plant, was one of the first plants to establish itself in wind-swept sand dunes. The ever shifting sand dunes are a crucial habitat feature for BOP to exist. If a dune begins to stabilize, the dunes may become overgrown with other vegetation.
The BLM works with other local, state, and federal agencies to develop conservation strategies that will nurture long term viability of the species. The key is to avoid potential threats to the plant and it’s habitat from impacts associated with activities like energy development, live-stock grazing, off-road vehicle use, plant collection, and wind farms. However, with a Biological Assessment (BA) in place, managers and biologists can continue to enlist the land in multi-use programs, while protecting and enhancing conditions for this beautiful plant.

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