So busy!

Hello! and Greetings from Miles City, MT!

Wow, have we been busy the past few weeks. We’ve been driving out to the Special K Ranch (see Becky’s post below cleverly, and aptly, titled “Croptober”) once a week for the past three weeks to help out in any way possible and to pick up sagebrush seedling for the Miles City field office which will hopefully be planted soon.

Look at how full we packed this truck!! All sagebrush!

Additionally, we’ve been busy collecting Winterfat (still working on it!), Greasewood, Green Ash (an adventure to be sure!), and as much Prairie Cordgrass seed as we can find for the Billings Office. Hopefully, we’ll be adding an aster to this list as well, we just need the weather to hold out for just a bit longer!

Winterfat! Really cool plant, taking a while to collect because of weather..

Green ash draw where we collected seed. Those trees are tall! We had to use a 18 ft pruner! (Which we borrowed from the Billings Office – thank you!!!!)

I know most internships are wrapping up, but I feel like mine is just getting started, soon we’ll be focusing on sagebrush seed collections and I know I’ll be just crazy busy then.

Miles City, MT

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