Thank You, Utah

Each day is getting increasingly colder in Richfield, Utah.  The major seed left for collecting is sagebrush. While packaging the seed today, I surprised myself in being able to differentiate subspecies solely by seeing the seed.  As my internship is wrapping up, I stay grounded by reflecting on all that I have learned.

I have learned an incredible amount on Utah geology, the different colors/ textures signifying different time periods and events. Collecting seed has significantly polished my skills in plant identification. I have learned a fortune about BLM’s mission of multiuse and managing rangeland inhabited by threatened and endangered species. I was able to be a part of a long-term monitoring study with endangered Sclerocactus wrightiae, the experience is invaluable.  And I have learned that chili cook-offs are taken very seriously here! My adventures and experiences with the CLM internship have shown me a lot and for that I am grateful! I’m looking forward to my next adventure in conservation!

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