My CLM internship and summer season projects of seed collecting and plant monitoring have come to a close. We have completed a total of 25 seed collections, which is an amazing accomplishment considering how awfully dry the summer was this year. Overall, I am so very happy that we reached our year 2012 goal for the S.O.S Program. Its amazing that I have been working at the Colorado State Office for almost 7 months and I have honestly been enjoying every minute of this wonderful experience.

Lately things in some areas of the office have slowed down since its getting closer to the end of year, but being a CLM intern means there are still many projects planned for me to tackle :). I have had the wonderful opportunity of being offered an extension. I am so grateful and excited about my winter project, which involves processing and submitting the herbarium specimens from the years 2009 – 2012 to the Smithsonian Institution to be entered into their Herbarium Database! I will keep you guys updated on my next adventures. Stay tuned…

Here are a few pictures of the sights I have seen thus far since being in Colorado!

P.S. Winter is here in Colorado…happy skiing 🙂

Monitoring Trip in Walden, CO

Phacelia formosula plant population in Walden, CO


Ericameria nauseosa was by far the most anticipated collections of the season (the seeds didn’t set until late October!).


Colorado Blue Bird

Colorado Blue Bird. I followed this bird in hopes to get a good photo (the last one I took was of him giving me a “go away” stare…so I did).



Aly and I collecting seeds at Pine Valley Ranch

Aly and I collecting seeds together at Pine Valley Ranch!


One of our last collections, you can see why. Snow on the ground can been seen looking through the aspen trees.

One of our last collections, you can see why. Snow on the ground can been seen just through the aspen trees.

Thanks again for the incredible experience,


Darnisha Coverson

BLM Colorado State Office

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