Successful First Month

We have completed the first month of our internship in the Mojave Desert.  After a couple of rough weeks, I think I’m getting the hang of field work and being in the middle of the desert for 5 days straight.  Who knew it could be cold and rainy in the desert?!  Thankfully it’s starting to warm up, although I’m sure I’ll be complaining about it being too hot before I know it.

We finished sampling annual plants the week before last and started the perennial cover and density measurements this past week.  There are 168 plots that we have to measure in the first site.  Since we only got through 5 plots the first day we were a little nervous about how long it was going to take us.  But the following days we picked up speed and finished over 1/6 of the plots.  If we keep up that pace we should be done with that site in about 2, maybe 3 more weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed that we aren’t still out there in mid-summer!

And now to finish removing Bromus grass from all of my clothing…..

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