Monsoon Season

July 22, 2013

And July brings us scorching heat alternating with torrential downpours. Luckily we finished up our HAF transects before the rains started. And with the monsoon comes lightning, and with lightning comes fire.

Fire in Crawford

I got to watch this fire start in Crawford. In fact, I got to go full circle with this fire. From calling in it and watching the helitack crew IA, to going back the next day (as an AD of course) as they mopped up to take that helitack crew back to Gunni (which incidentally was quite an adventure.  It poured rain and hail on us as we drove out, and as you all well know, these dirt roads out here don’t hold up well in rain.   Also that helitack crew was the nicest, most fun group of fire fighters I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure to chauffeur in my life. really a great group of people.), Finally I got to hear the first hand account from my friend, who works on an engine here, of how they went back out and officially declared the fire done.

After all the excitement of that it’s hard to go back to transects! However, we are now offically finished with our HAF project and I’m jubilant!! Though I have no idea what my boss has in store for me now I’m looking forward to moving on to new things.

Uncompahgre Field Office – BLM
Montrose, CO

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