Week of Bears

It started out as a normal week of gathering data, finishing fire transects, and camping. Our first night out someone noticed bear tracks on the dirt road. It was to be expected since we were in the trees that provided good bear habitat. We continued to our camp and headed out for work in the morning. Work was a rather typical day of hiking in and getting our job done then hiking out. On our drive back to our campsite we saw a doe with two fawns alongside her.  Then about 50 yards down the road we spotted a baby bear! It was laying in the narrow shade of a pine tree. For a few minutes there was a mutual stare between the interns and the baby bear. It soon became unsure of us and stood up against the tree as if it was going to climb it. The picture above was taken at that moment. He quickly decided that running to the next tree was the right thing to do. We then left so as to not disturb him anymore. We spotted this baby bear only a quarter of a mile away from our campsite. We assumed there was a mama bear around somewhere and that night we were all a little wary of the bears!

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