Hello and Howdy! Rock Springs, WY


I’ve been in Rock Springs now for 19 weeks so I’m nearing the end of my summer here. Already you can feel a change in the air as the mountain west shifts into winter. As I think back on my time here and the things I’ve accomplished I realize how great an opportunity this was. I met really great people while I was here and I made several good friends. I’ve also grown professionally; this internship has allowed me to gain experience and insight into my career. It’s going to look great on a resume I now have more confidence in my abilities and I’ve gained a better understanding and appreciation for the BLM and all that it does. I’ve seen things here that I never thought I would see.
For instance last week I was picking wild rose hips along a creek (with some of the friends I’ve made) and I hear this splash splash splash. At first I can’t really see the animal very well because there are willows in the way. I thought it was just a stray cow, then out of nowhere a moose comes bursting out of the shrubbery right in front of me! He looked at me and I looked at him. I thought about pulling out my camera and before I could even reach for it he was gone in a flash. I’ve never seen a moose that close before, half of me wanted a picture and the other half thought maybe I should back up slowly and high tail it out of there.

A Wyoming Sunset

I guess that’s the way I feel about the end of my time here. Part of me is ready to take my new skills and knowledge and high tail it out of here to new adventures. Part of me doesn’t want it to end; I want to take a picture of this place so I can hold onto the image of my life here for a little longer. Regardless of my bitter-sweet feelings, I know that I’m a much better person for my time spent in this internship. I’ve grown professionally as well as personally. I know that I will always think back on my time here in Rock Springs with a fondness I didn’t expect to acquire. I can honestly say my time working for the BLM here in Rock Springs was time well spent.

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