The Summer of Firsts

As the internship comes to a close, I’ve looked back and realized that it has been made up of a number first time experiences. It has allowed me to be a part of large projects with the Bureau of Land Management and given me insight into the conservation world out here in the western U.S. Being exposed to a completely new set of flora, and having to learn them for the job, is just one of many new skills that I have able to gain from my time here. New ways of studying trends in habitat monitoring and different factors to consider when making recomendations for the land out here are just a few areas in which I have grown professionally. But the thing that stands out the most to me, is just how many things I was able to see and experience for the first time. This summer has allowed me to see my first canyons, lava fields, lava tubes, extinct volcanoes and cave systems. This was all because of places that I worked. I saw my first, rattlesnake and others, lizards, elk, mule deer and the list continues when it comes to the animal life in southern Idaho. It was my first time in a desert ecosystem as a whole, so everything it had to offer was completely new to me. So you can about imagine that the list of first itme experiences goes on and on. All of these experiences I take back with me as rewarding memories and feel that they have given me a new skill set and a different way to look at problems that I will be able to transfer to countless other areas of life. The only thing that I wished that would’ve happened that didn’t, was an extension. The time spent here was defiitely well spent, and like most good things, went to quickly. Anybody who has the chance to take this type of opportunity should not hesitate. No matter where the assignment is, I am confident in saying that you would be surprised as to what you will learn, see, and experience.

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