Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes…

So… apparently summer doesn’t last forever in the desert-like environment of Wyoming. Somebody once told me it had to do with the way the Earth tilts and rotates around the Sun, yet, according to some groups, that theory is still up for debate. I’m not here to choose sides, I’d just like to let my devout followers know that the times they are a changin’.

My intern counterpart, Dan (along with some assistance from our friends Nick and Kelley), and I have knocked out around 50 grazing allotments, photo-points, and range improvements. Not too shabby for less than 3 months with a mixture of other projects. Feeling pretty happy about that, the question comes to mind, “what happens when the grass ain’t grass no more?” There is but one answer: DATA ENTRY! I understand you might have just jumped back in your seat. That’s a perfectly normal reaction. Really, its not that bad. You find your own system. Mine is the occasional standing stretch to get some uninhibited blood flow and a monitor break.

While our office time has been looming, we’ve also been involved in some recreation projects. One of which: all four of the interns were invited along to clean fishing access trails and stream beds of trash that may have been forgotten about. This was quite the exciting adventure with mule deer, evidence of mountain lions, large centipedes, and an abundance of aquatic plants. To top the 2 day trip off, we were able to see some of the local caves (or as far as a head lamp could shine down steep, light-less drop-offs). Quite the rewarding trip to know you’re helping clean a beautiful area and see parts of it most locals my not have ventured. This was one of the coolest trips we’ve taken through the recreation program.

With more projects through range, recreation, and possibly other fields, I’m looking forward. For now, back to our collected data.

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