Harvest Time

Greetings from Wyoming!

It finally happened—not Fall per se, but that first day when you realize the summer will have to come to an end. From a botanical perspective, focus has swiveled around to scoping out sages and shrubs. It took me a while, but I am starting to appreciate the late season action, so different from the early excitement of blooms. The fruiting time can be beautiful, too.

There can be some unexpected encounters in the field. A few weeks ago, we were out chasing plants along a little-used road and ran smack into the historical Fort Laramie. It was a good lunch spot and a beautiful day, and we took a little time to wander around the buildings and exhibits. That was also the day we ran across some wild plums!

My team has gone back to school, so it looks like much of my fieldwork will be solo from now on. I really appreciated them, their company and extra pairs of seed collecting hands!

Abby D.

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