Collecting seeds in the forest..

Beautiful view

During the last couple of weeks of my internship we have collected seeds in the forest. We have collected wax currant, sticky currant (that has a blue berry!), Potentilla glandulosa and curl-leaf mountain mahogany. I have enjoyed collecting seeds from these plants especially mountain mahogany. To the right is a picture of the area where we have been collecting seeds.

While we were collecting seed from Potentilla glandulosa plants we climbed a ridge and stumbled upon a population of mountain mahaoney trees. It just so happened that we had recently looked up pictures of this tree and its seed, so we were able to easily identify it. We scouted the area and determined that there were enough trees and seeds for us to collect from the population. Both the tree and the seed are very interesting to me..

Amy collected seeds..

Mountain Mahogany Tree

We have enjoyed collecting seeds from these trees! As you can see Amy is happily sitting in one of the trees to collect more seed..  she is a very diligent seed collector! I love these mountain mahogany trees. I think they look like something out of the loin king, especially because they grow on ridges and rock outcrops so a view of them from a distance really looks like a picture out of the loin king!

Thanks all!

Molly Baughman

BLM, Lakeview, OR

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