Snowy greetings and data entry


The touch of the summery sun that used to fill me with heat has cooled with the passing days to a merely luke-warmth, the green leaves on the trees have turned bright reds, yellows, and oranges and have since fallen to the ground, to be been covered by snow! I have enjoyed what the Idahoan winter has had to offer me. I have gone snowboarding and sledding as well as enjoyed the snow showers and inspections of the intricate designs of tiny snowflakes (awe-some!). As I was removing the snow off the windows of my car one morning before work I realized, “I am definitely living in the thick of snow…how cool!” I had a more profound realization one evening after work when I was stuck in the snow in the parking lot! Eventually I was freed, but not without assistance (apparently you’re supposed to kick the snow out and not into the back of the tires. Whoops!). What a learning experience! Now if I could only get over my fear of driving in ice!

Many hours have been spent stationed at my quarters toiling away entering data.

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