Many forms of knowledge

I expected to become an expert on Sage Grouse during by internship… and I was not let down. I am a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Sage Grouse, Sage Brush habitats, and the issues surrounding the race to create and implement a conservation strategy to preclude listing of the bird on the Endangered Species List.

I did not expect, however, to learn as much as I did about myself. To me, growing as a person, and knowing how to react in certain situations, means more to me than the ability to quickly spit out scientific facts. I learned a few key lessons that will stay with me as I build my career.

First, if you make a mistake (as everyone does), own up to it. Realize what you did wrong, and do what you need to do to make it right. There will always be bad days, days where you dont want to get up and go to work. These are the days that you must pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and decide that you will make an opportunity out of a difficult situation.

Second, when you work within a particular resource (in my case, wildlife), you can begin to think that your particular resource is more important than other resources. When you stop considering other resources, and stop listening to what the people representing those resources have to say, you lose respect from your co workers. This makes it much more difficult to accomplish anything. Always listen, consider, and respect what other people have to say. They are just as passionate about their resource as you are about yours.

I have worked with wonderful, brilliant people here in the Wyoming State Office for almost 6 months. I thank everyone for allowing me to participate in their programs, and hope that our paths cross again in the future.

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