My First Week with the BLM

This evening marks the end of my first week in Cedarville, CA.  Cedarville is a sleepy town in the top northeastern corner of California.  Much of the work conducted by the Cedarville BLM takes place in Nevada.  To move from state to state within many of my work days is a completely new experience for me.  I am currently still becoming acquainted with the region that the Cedarville BLM covers and the possible terrain that I will be directly working with.  Thus far my days have been filled with invigorating field work.  Today I saw my first baby rattlesnake.  Because I am coming from the state of Maine I am not accustomed to working in such a dry climate.  However Cedarville is experiencing an exceptionally wet year.  Many lakes that have been dried up for over five years have filled again.  I have been told that there is a lot more green landscape than normal for this time of the year.  The full moon shone on the alkali last night.  To view a full moon shining on such a majestic landscape was breath taking.  The vast sage-step ecosystem that dominates this area carries one of the most wonderful aromas.  The lupins here seem like miniature versions of the lupins we have in Maine.  There is a large Native American presence here and there has been for quite some time.  The archeologist working at the station tells me that this is one of the most archeological rich places she has ever experienced.  The ground is littered with artifacts, there is an endless number of obsidian flakes that are the result of the manipulation of stone by the ancient Natives.  In summary my days have been filled with entirely new experiences each and every day!  It has been a long day and a long week in the field and my brain is not quite recalling all of the amazing things that have happened.  However this post quickly sums up everything that has caused me to gasp!  I have not been here long and I have only given you a quick introduction to my experiences so far, but there is more to come!  So stay tuned!

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