Rim Fire Life

Here in the Stanislaus National Forest every day is an adventure in the Rim Fire burn scar! There are sections of the forest wiped out with little regrowth but there are many areas with lots of regrowth or were not touched by the fire. Everyday I am learning more and more species as we do sensitive/ rare species surveys as well as weed surveys. These last few weeks have also taught me a lot about the forest and the incredible amount of recovery work happening this summer.

So far we have spent all of our time doing surveys in the field but come Monday the two other CLM interns and I here in the office will begin taking over data management and map making for the crew. We will all be getting a great refresher in GIS and soon will be pros. I am looking forward to our new responsibility, continuing to learn species in the field, and getting to know the forest and those who work in it.

Cheers, Emily

Erythronium tuolomnense, Tuolumne fawn lily. I have only seen them in one location so far and am hoping we find more soon.

faErythronium tuolmnense

We have been seeing/flagging a lot of Mullin (Verbascum thapsus) these last few weeks, along with bull thistle.

Verbascum thapsus infestation

Though some areas are still pristine, there are many areas within the Rim Fire scar that were completely destroyed.

Rim fire scar

In many meadows we have been seeing this species of interest; Trillium angustipetalum.

Trillium angustipetalum

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