Final Thoughts

Coming from the fringes of punk-rock and beat-the-system movements, I did not expect that I would find a job working for the federal government so fulfilling, but this is precisely what I discovered as a CLM intern with the BLM. I enjoyed the hands-on work, assisting other staff and agencies, and even the politics. Above all else, I want to work as a public servant, which I believe is at the core of government work.

Beyond establishing my interest in working for the federal government, the most I gained from this internship is confidence.  This internship required that I work independently, which means I had to rely on my judgment and expertise to accomplish many new tasks. With this confidence, I have relaxed about my career prospects.  I now know I have a good head on my shoulders and that I will find a career I enjoy.  Thanks to everyone who made this internship possible.

There are several big changes in my life following this internship.  First, I will drive back from California to the east coast. This is big because I have lived in Cali for a year now and thought I would be here longer.  Second, I will be traveling to Nepal and South Korea for three months.  This is a trip I have been planning and saving for since the beginning of college, and I am thrilled that it is finally happening. I will be visiting a Nepali friend and Peace Corps volunteers. Visiting PC volunteers in a new addition my journey thanks to my internship: my BLM co-worker and cubicle-mate, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, encouraged me to check out the PC while traveling.  Third, when I return to the states, I will be pursuing a government job.  I have been stalking USAjobs regularly and applying frequently.

Fingers crossed,

Stephanie Wilson

Arcata BLM Field Office

Arcata, CA

IMGP1779Rockin’ a banana slug outfit with Ranger Julie

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  1. Hey Stephanie,
    Great blog post. It seems like this internship was the perfect fit for you and its great that you are working to become a public servant. I hope you have a great trip abroad.

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