The Time Has Come!

P8290087The time has come for me. To have another birthday that is! The 28th birthday is coming up here in about 1 week, but the party will have to wait until I return to the sweet, sweet smell, sound, look and feel of fall in Wisconsin. I know it’s all rather sudden but we must make due.

Seed collection has been stagnated a bit by the rainy weather but luckily that means we have plenty of time to clean seed and get all our other office work organized and ready for leaving time. As of now it looks like my last day will be the 26th of September which means I have less than a month left!

I apologize, but I just can’t hide my excitement. I love Wisconsin and I didn’t get out much this past winter because it was a nasty cold one, especially after living in a tropical climate for over two years. Adjusting to the weather has been the least of my problems however after coming back from Tanzania. Once you get out and get used to a simpler lifestyle you realize that we are all crazy; Americans mainly but I assume the psychoses permeates throughout most of the western, developed world. When I say ‘the western, developed world’ I am of course really referring to the consumers. You look at our lives and we take and we take and we take without even the notion that we must give something back if we are to sustain our existence on this earth. Money deceives us into believing we have payed for what we’ve taken but this grand illusion is slowly becoming illuminated to reveal that we have depleted our natural resources through ignorance and neglect. All I want for my birthday is a revolution. I want people to acknowledge our place on this planet and rediscover a lost reverence and respect vital to our coexistence with the multitude of other beings with whom we share our home. P8260094 :/ :/ :/ :/
I would also like to complete the 25 seed collections we have for this season but I’m pretty confident that I don’t need any birthday luck to have that desire become a reality. Right now we’re looking at some Chrysothamnus vicidiflorus (Green Rabbitbrush), Krascheninnikovia lanata (Winterfat), Artemisia tridentata (Big Sagebrush), Elymus elymoides (Squirreltail), Psoralidium lanceolatum (Lemon Scurfpea) and that silly Geranium. And that will make 25! Got some GIS course coming up here in mid-September which I am looking forward to.

I would like to sign out on this final note. We need to be the change that we want to see in the world. We cannot expect more of others than we expect from ourselves. If I want to see people come to respect the earth, reduce their consumption and give back, the first thing I need to do is respect the earth myself, reduce my own consumption and personally give back what I can. That’s how I see it, but the Great Pacific Garbage Patch keeps growing and our pollinators keep dying due to poisoning from neonicotinoid pesticides.P8290085

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