Hello all!

October has been a great month!  Things have finally slowed down here and I’ve spent the past month mainly working on map requests and editing SDE data.

I’ve also had time to go out in the field with the Wild Horse and Burro Specialist and got to ride a horse for the first time, which was amazing… and I didn’t even fall off!!!  It was interesting to learn about the opposing viewpoints on wild horse management and the overpopulation problems that are easily visible on the landscape.

Of course, it would be crazy to think I was entirely done with fire rehab work.  We finished the ESR plan and the Environmental Analysis, so now we’ve jumped right into implementation of the ESR plan.  Most of the maps I am making now are large field maps so people can go out and mark where the treatments are to be conducted.  I’ve also been editing the treatment data as requested and loading it onto GPS units to be used in the field. It’s pretty awesome how quickly we have been able to implement the plan and hopefully the early treatment will help the environment heal faster!


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