Experience with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists!

Since the beginning of my internship with the Grand Junction, CO field office I have been exposed to a great variety of projects and disciplines. I am thankful for the diversity of professionals within the field office because I feel that I am being educated as to how different data from various sources all contribute to an overarching prescribed ecological plan. Already this past month I have worked on field projects under the guidance of Engineers, Geologists, Wildlife Biologist, Archeologists, as well as my mentor the office Ecologist. Due to these different work opportunities, I not only have been exposed to many different ecosystems within the Grand Junction field office region, but I have also directly benefited from decades of scientific research experience. Each project that I have the privilege of contributing to provides a fortuitous opportunity to benefit from the instructors’ knowledge.

One of my favorite projects in July was searching for fossilized dinosaur bones and water tracks for several days with the office Geologist. Over the course of my life I have always been interested in Paleontology, but never have I actually had the opportunity to see a fossil in person, let alone in nature. While undertaking the great search of these treasured objects I could not help but feel overjoyed at the experience I was having. Upon discovery of several fossilized watermarks, I was surprised at how the fossils appeared so anachronistic laying there in the desert sand. Some millions of years ago during the Mesozoic Era these animals were swimming in what was at the time a large body of water. Now, resting there next to a rusting discarded “COORS” can in the middle of the high elevation desert of Colorado, lay subtle clues that this world once existed. It was amazing, and again, I did really find the experience rewarding.

There have been many different experiences similar to the one aforementioned in this blog post. It is relieving to know that there are career options in this country that not only help protect the earth but also continue to surprise you.




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