Its the Little Things

They say that in your twenties you meet alot of temporary people. Immediately that may conjur up a lot of negatives — best-friendships,  romantic relationships, the removal of bad vibes and people from your life —  but as an ecologist, temporary people are an integral part of our careers. The early stages of our careers are often seasonal and short-term, which is a hinderance and a blessing. As soon as you learn to identify all the grasses on the range it’s time to move on, by the time you get to really know your co-workers – adios the next place is acallin’.  We become a jack of all ecosystems (learning a little about each place we visit) and are yet to be masters at any. But, we see some of the most scenic and beautiful places and by understanding how our interactions with nature shape the land, we gain a greater appreciation for where we live. This transient-ness in the prime of our lives allows us to connect with a lot of new people, reshape and modify our opinions, and challenge ourselves in ways we may have not expected.  As I enter my last month of working in Burns, OR I’ve been reflecting on how lucky I am that this is one of those temporary places. Therefore, I dedicate this blog to some of my favorite moments. Oregon photo...8

Oregon photo...5

Seriously, one of my favorite parts of living in Oregon is living out on a farm. Every evening I take a walk in the fields and feed treats to horses, donkeys, and cows. Pictured above is Fuzz, one of the barn cats.Oregon photo...6












some of the critters we see at work:

Oregon photo...2 Oregon photo...7 Oregon photo...3Oregon photo...9


Moments with Friends:


Oregon photo...11

Hiking the Strawberries. My First Back Country Camping Trip

Oregon photo...13

Fishing at Delitment Lake my first weekend in Burns

Oregon photo...12

Hike to Wild Horse Lake on the Steens


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  1. I love this, I don’t think I could have said it better myself. By the time we know the species and the ecosystem we’re off for a new adventure. Thanks for sharing. I spent last summer in Vale, OR also living on a farm, so I can relate to the beauty of it all 🙂

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