Oh no… I’ve been too busy for an illustrated version of my adventures this time around. 🙁

In a nutshell, everything is drying up as we move into weeks with high temps in the 100s everyday. We’re collecting as much and as fast as we can, and spotting some later-blooming shrubs as well.

We’ve moved into the second half of our internship now. I’ve been getting to know our new office geologist and wildlife biologist, who have been able to teach me some interesting things about their duties and lines of work for the BLM. I’ve also busied myself with data entry battles while my fellow interns are at the CLM workshop in Chicago. My own training workshop is in a couple weeks in Montana and will be focused on AIM rangeland health methods.

And finally, I’ve been busy trying to figure out what I’ll be doing after this position ends in August. Luckily, I’ve been successful and now have a new job in place to look forward to!

Needles Field Office

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