ATV Training

Working for the BLM or any government agency requires many training classes on a myriad of subjects, usually mundane and somewhat self-explanatory. However, this week I did the ATV training class and it was so much fun and different! Nine of us from the field office participated in the day-long course that required us to learn about safely operating an ATV while showing your abilities and proficiency in driving. We learned about important laws and regulations, safety tips and how to avoid dangerous situations, and basic mechanics of the machines. It was a lot of fun buzzing around the designed course and practicing fast turns and going over large bumps. With nine of us on the course at a time we had to get good at looking ahead and reading other drivers. I don’t yet know if we’ll use the ATVs for botanical work, but it sure was a fun training to have! We also experienced¬† a storm develop and come in as we wrapped up the final driving tests. The clouds and lightning were incredible against the mountains.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.53.35 AM

Until next time,

Austen, BLM Salmon Field Office, Idaho

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