Delicacy and Majesty


The night air is cool in the desert. Leaves rustle, the sky darkens, and thunder rumbles quietly in the distance as this evening’s storm gathers. The field season has continued to progress well, presenting inevitable challenges and unexpected delights along the way. Countless conservationists have crossed our paths, each leaving a significant impact on my ecological outlook. Everyday experiences with this landscape have been similarly impactful. Recently I encountered my first endangered species, Ipomopsis sancti-spiritus (holy ghost ipomopsis), in the Pecos National Forest. I appreciate the balance of the inexplicable delicacy of this endangered species with the incredible majesty of the night sky in the wilderness. Weekend adventures intensify my connection to this landscape- climbing through slot canyons, trudging through gloriously lit sand dunes, and exploring the hidden mysteries of ancient cave dwellings. I am looking forward to seeing what the fall brings!

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Ella Samuel

Santa Fe, NM BLM

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