Henry David Thor-no

As I munch on goldfish at my desk

In this cramped office cubicle

I think how painful it is to be inside

Like a slightly torn back cuticle.

This is reality for a majority of people

Their work lives confined to a box

While I am privileged to make SOS collections

Gathering mahogany, juniper and phlox


Time really flies, so don’t close your eyes

Or you’ll be in for a surprise by the time you realize

That it is already July

Almost half way through summer

And when this internship ends

It will be a real bummer

So while I can, I will take it all in

The grace and allure of the west

The mountains, the valleys, the birds and the trees

A plethora of beauty to digest

I’m not a poet and I surely know it

So don’t give too much critique

I just wanted to make a blog post with creativity

That would be somewhat unique









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