2 Month Marker

2 months down.

13 SOS collections completed.

Timeless friendships made.

A new Found Love for Southern Idaho.

It is both rewarding and bittersweet to reflect back on this experience thus far. Rewarding because I can’t believe how much I have grown as an individual and bittersweet because time keeps dwindling on. This “internship” has definitely been a wonderful and enlightening opportunity for me to learn and challenge myself. I’ve found myself well-balanced and motivated. I’ve made time for hobbies I have always wanted to pursue, and I have learned to trust in where my passion for the environment and people take me. The people I have been working with and new friends I have made have definitely contributed to all of this, and I thank all of you for that. I hope the rest of my CBG interns can say the same about their experiences, and may the rest of my time here start to move forward much more slowly.






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