CLM Intern or Truck Driver?

Things have seemed to settle into a rhythm. Almost every day I come to work, grab the keys, hop in the white Ford F150, and drive between 1-3 hours to a site by myself. At the site I do things like recording GPS tracks of trails, collecting Visitor Use data, or sometimes even picking up trash. All that time alone on the open road can be lonely (especially in Wyoming), but it still beats sitting in front of a computer!

It feels like I’m trying out two (not so different) possible career paths- BLM Employee and Truck Driver.

Every day I see about seven times more hoofed animals than humans.

My view after scrambling up part of a new trail I GPSd

Sometimes truck driving can be beautiful! Little detour I took through Crazy Woman Canyon

Crazy Woman Canyon detour

The highlights of this internship is when I get to help out teaching science lessons or outdoor ethics at day camps or to school groups, always in an outdoor setting. Last week I got to hang out with a bunch of six year olds!

Young Naturalists!

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