August Surveys

Plant surveys continue. I spent a lot of time in the woods creating species lists. I also did more aquatic surveys. We spent some nice days paddling around collecting and identifying different aquatic plant species. The big find was a new population of Potamogeton vaseyi, a Michigan threatened species. I also checked up on some known populations of Gratiola aurea.

I also got to assist on some assorted projects:

A dam, of which I previously surveyed its reservoir, was drawn down to measure the flow rate of the stream. The FS was asked to  re-seed the site to prevent erosion from 2019 spring snow melt. The anticipation is that the flats will revert to sedge meadow . Seed was broadcast across fresh mud flats, a lot of sinking up to the knees and getting stuck in mud.

I helped the fish crew collect trout population data via shocking, collecting, and then identifying and measuring fish. First, nets were set about 300  ft apart across a stream and then we walked up stream, making three passes, stunning the fish with a low electrical current and capturing them in nets.

We planted various native forbs in the expanded wildlife opening. Also, I did the final bee survey for the season. A couple of the sites had almost no floral resources; one was filled only with Pteridium aquilinum. Finally, I had a couple of great days snorkeling, assisting with manual removal of Myriophyllum spicatum.

Some cool things I found in the woods.


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