It’s Bend Fun, Y’all

In recalling the goodbye’s of my past, this one is received unwelcome, unwanted, and unfortunate. Never before can I call back to a parting of ways that even the thought is difficult to accept.

Some adapt to change at a pace far quicker than some, others need heavy investment of time before they gain traction. For me I’ve found, especially in this exact moment, that the duration of the CLM positions is the precise amount of time I need to not only get in, but enjoy the groove. 5 and a half months of myself invested somewhere I’ve never been – somewhere that 5 and a half months ago I never pictured myself becoming enamored with.

Bend speaks for itself. In more ways than can be stated, it’s more than I expected. But as they’ve all supposedly said, it’s not the place, it’s the company. Well, they were right.

I can’t begin to claim I found myself out here without giving unwavering credit to the folks I worked with. My supervisor, coworkers, peers, etc, all quickly become synonymous with none other than – friend. I can say I’ve never developed such a favorable dynamic in any prior work environment. And that is said with confidence.

My time at Bend Seed Extractory has provided invaluable experiences, opportunities, and responsibilities – all of which, I believe, leave me a greater asset.