Safari Park Adventures

It’s an amazing experience to work at the Safari Park here in San Diego. Last week we got to see the Cheetah Run which is a 150 yard stretch of lawn on which a cheetah chases a stuffed animal and can run up to 70 mph. The cheetahs are always accompanied by their dog partners who are raised with the cheetah cubs. The dogs go with the cheetah everywhere and provide them with a security blanket. It’s so much fun to be able to walk in the park after work and look at all of the animals. The Safari Park itself is 900 acres with an additional 900 acres of land preserved in back of it. The additional 900 acres is primarily coastal sage scrub where there are many ongoing experiments. These studies include Herp arrays which monitor the reptile biodiversity and restoration plots for the threatened cactus wren. We have been able to help out on both of these studies. While doing the Herp arrays I saw lizards, small mammals, scorpions, and even a tarantula. While monitoring the cactus wren plots I almost stepped on a red diamondback rattlesnake, which was very exciting. I enjoy the seed collections and exploring San Diego County, but I am also very grateful for all the other opportunities that the park provides. It’s always an adventure!

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