Coming to California!

I accepted a CLM internship working for the BLM in Needles, CA, which is a small town located in the Mojave Desert on the Colorado River bordering Arizona and nearby Nevada. I am from southeast Texas, so I had a very long drive! Driving to California was an experience in itself. I had only previously been to southeastern New Mexico, so for the most part, the entire drive consisted of areas I had never been or seen before. The snow on the ground in Flagstaff, AZ was a really nice surprise! I had a safe trip the entire route. Once I arrived in Needles, I moved into a really nice house that I am renting with three other CLM interns. My roommates are all very nice. I just started working this past Monday, March 19, 2012. My boss is great! She is very nice, flexible, and I forsee having a great working relationship with her. I am the general biology intern for this office, so I will get to help with a multitude of projects. This is absolutely wonderful, because I will be able to maximize experience here. Overall, I think this is going to be a great opportunity for myself, and I am looking forward to everything! Thank you CLM and BLM for giving me this opportunity.

Alicia Rodriguez

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