Central California!

I just accepted an internship on Fort Ord near Monterey California. I am a recent graduate of Northern Arizona University with a major in Environmental Management. I just started this internship two weeks ago and am loving it out here. I found a house close to the ocean which is something new to me moving from Arizona and growing up in Colorado. So far this internship has taught me so many things in the coastal botany world that I didn’t know. This area is absolutely beautiful. My mentor Bruce is an awesome guy and a very great teacher as well.  He has been teaching me all there is to know about every aspect when it comes to land management. I am very happy with this internship so far and guarantee it will only get better!

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  1. Hi! I graduated from NAU with the exact same degree in May of 2010! When did you graduate and what’s your name?

    Krista Butler

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