Last month in Hollister, CA

Monocline Ridge

September was my last full month in Hollister work for the BLM in Central California.   Mostly this month I have been continuing my work assisting with a seedbank study.  We are hoping to determine the size of the seed bank in the soil for 2 endangered plants that we are tasked with recovering: San Joaquin Woolly Threads  (Monolopia congdonii) and San Benito Evening Primrose (Camissonia benitensis).  During the summer we collected soil from the population areas and are now sifting the soil and (in the case of the Woolly Threads) extracting and couting seeds.  Later in the fall, the soil of both species will be used to grow out seedlings which then will be counted.  By knowing the size of the collection area and the amount of soil collected and used, an estimate of existing seed bank may be established.

For  my last post I wanted to include some of my favorite pictures from this field season that I haven’t had an excuse to put up yet:

Calochortus venustus

Echinoderm fossil

Ryan blazing a “trail” on Laguna Mtn. in search of T&E plant habitat



Chimney near the San Benito River

Clarkia unguiculata



boat on the San Benito River

Pestle found on Monocline Ridge sand dunes





Penstemon azureus

Good luck to everyone!  Rachel, BLM Hollister, CA











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