Let’s talk about plants baby!

“Let’s talk about plants baby
let’s talk about forbs and trees
let’s talk about all the good shrub cover
and the invasive things that may be.
Let’s talk about plants!”

I am loving this internship up in sunny southern Idaho! I am soaking up the sun and plant knowledge as quickly as I can. There are so many plants to learn, names that sound so similar paired with plants that don’t look a thing alike.
Today we spent the majority of our time following a stream and hiking to the top of a mountain to identify plants and help determine their diversity. This was a desirable break from our usual desert stomping grounds.
Some of the plants we identified were:

Aquilegia formosa-Western Columbine (AQFO)

Geranium Viscosissimum- sticky purplr geranium (GEVI2)

I love plants, there is a lot of diversity in the plant world! It’s strange to think that not everyone in the world wants to know every plant they can get their hands on. So, for all the people out there, Let Talk About Plants!
-Until next time

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