met tower update

It has been over six months since I started my internship here in Wyoming and what a six months it has been. I had the fortunate opportunity to extend my internship and was happy to accept the offer. Now that the weather has taken a turn and the snow has prevented field surveys, my project has turned to data analysis. After close to six months of met tower surveys, every day, I can happily say it was a great experience. It seems that after a slow start to the field season, my partner and I started to find quite a few dead birds at our met towers, mainly during migration. Now we get to analyze the data and figure out what our findings mean. I look forward to finding out the results and seeing how much of an impact, if any, these met towers have on birds. 

As far as living here in Rawlins, it has been a different experience but absolutely worth every minute. Not only have I had the chance to visit Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, I have had the opportunity to view amazing wildlife and get in some great camping. I am now getting used to living here during the cold months. Being from Texas, I never knew that a place could have a constant sheet of ice on the roads for weeks in a row! I am learning fast how to drive safely in these conditions.  It’s been great so far and I have a couple of months left, lets see how those turn out.


Bureau of Land Management

Rawlins, WY

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