Until we meet again

Over the past eight months I have had the opportunity to work for the Bureau of Land Management in Rawlins, Wyoming. My position not only allowed me to work in the field of wildlife conservation but it also gave me the ability to experience the wide open spaces of Wyoming.  I was able to work with several wildlife biologists as well as the outdoor recreation planner.

My job at the BLM was a specific project looking at whether or not meteorological towers are the cause of avian mortality. I was to go to my chosen met towers every day and survey for dead birds. Any birds that were found were recorded and all data collected was analyzed at the end of the field season.  Visual analysis was also recoded for as many met towers as my partner and I could navigate to. The visual analysis was conducted in order to see how far away we could see a tower and its diverters.  This project gave me the chance to enhance my field and office skills. I learned fast how to drive on some rough and sometimes scary two tracks. The only way to over come your fears is to face them and I must say one of those was getting stuck in the field. I am happy to say that I successfully avoided that! Many mud holes and and water puddles were defeated. I had a  couple of great mentors and a lot of support from other employees in the office. I could not ask to work with a better group of people.

The majority of my time with the BLM was independent field work and on occasion with my partner, so if you are not a self-motivated person, this type of work is not suitable for you. Being a part of the BLM required a week long training. This training gave me the chance to become CPR certified and learn the ins and outs of the BLM. That week also gave me the chance to meet other CLM interns as well as other BLM employees.  Also, my time spent at the CBG training at the Grand Canyon was informative and fun. I was able to get to know the other Rawlins interns better and meet more interns. It was an experience I will never forget.

Aside from my job I had most weekends off to explore the surrounding beauty of Wyoming and Colorado. I was able to enjoy fishing, hiking, geocaching and camping while in Wyoming. The wildlife alone was enough to make me want to see more. Not only was I able to visit a handful of national parks but  I had my first sighting of a black bear, badger, horned lizard, wolf, grizzly bear, golden eagle, and more. I learned that being in the middle of a wide open place like Wyoming, is truly an eye-opening experience. Although it took a couple of hours to get to any major city I had a great time working in Rawlins and will truly miss Wyoming. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back.  I believe that being able to visualize my internship is just as important as being able to read about it, so please enjoy all of the pictures that are attached.

Anna Salinas

Bureau of Land Management

Rawlins, Wyoming

met tower update

It has been over six months since I started my internship here in Wyoming and what a six months it has been. I had the fortunate opportunity to extend my internship and was happy to accept the offer. Now that the weather has taken a turn and the snow has prevented field surveys, my project has turned to data analysis. After close to six months of met tower surveys, every day, I can happily say it was a great experience. It seems that after a slow start to the field season, my partner and I started to find quite a few dead birds at our met towers, mainly during migration. Now we get to analyze the data and figure out what our findings mean. I look forward to finding out the results and seeing how much of an impact, if any, these met towers have on birds. 

As far as living here in Rawlins, it has been a different experience but absolutely worth every minute. Not only have I had the chance to visit Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, I have had the opportunity to view amazing wildlife and get in some great camping. I am now getting used to living here during the cold months. Being from Texas, I never knew that a place could have a constant sheet of ice on the roads for weeks in a row! I am learning fast how to drive safely in these conditions.  It’s been great so far and I have a couple of months left, lets see how those turn out.


Bureau of Land Management

Rawlins, WY

Summer in Wyoming

I am writing to you all from the small town of Rawlins, Wyoming. When I was offered the position in Wyoming I was excited and could not wait to get here. I had no clue what to expect of Wyoming, just images in my head of what it would be like. I have to say that it has surprised me and far exceeded my expectations. One of the first things I was told when I arrived is that Wyoming has two seasons, winter and construction. Don’t laugh, this is true. I arrived in May and wouldn’t you know, it has snowed several times since i have been here. As for construction, the highway that runs through town has been under construction since I arrived.  I must say even with the cold weather and constant rain at the start of my internship, it has turned out to be a great field season.

I am working on a project that deals with bird and bat mortality at met towers.  These towers go up before wind farms are put in place and they have supporting guy wires. The guy wires seem to be a problem for birds and they end up flying into them. After rainy days and training, my partner and I were finally able to get in the field on a regular basis and start our surveys. I will also get to measure the visual impact of towers, some with bird diverters and others without. I am lucky to be on such an important project and to have such a great mentor and support group at the BLM. Everyone has been extremely nice and helpful, I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. Before I go I must let everyone know how great the other CBG interns are. They have welcomed me with open arms and have been so kind. 


Rawlins, Wyoming