The Token Canadian

What a process it’s been getting here! As the only Canadian intern this year, my first task was getting across the border. I flew from Halifax to Edmonton, bought a car, then drove down towards Montana, stopping in Calgary and Swift Current to visit friends. When I got to the border crossing last week, I was told I didn’t have all the documentation they wanted, but aside from that, the border guard didn’t even think the visa I was applying for was the right one!  So back I went to Swift Current. I was very worried that I would be unable to even begin my internship. After many phone calls to the CBG, my university, and various embassies and consulates I decided to apply for the same visa again, this time at a different border crossing with every document I thought they might want.  And thank God, this time they let me through and I arrived in Glasgow, MT last night. Since I’ve only had one morning of work, I don’t have much to say, but everyone in the office seems very friendly and I’m very excited about the next five months.
-Lauren Wiebe