Saying goodbye to Nevada and the Joshua Trees!

Though it’s already been a week, it’s very hard to believe that our internship in Boulder City is over! It’s been (a little under) 6 amazing months in Nevada – I’ve learned so much through this project, visited so many different National Parks, hiked many miles, camped more nights than I can count, and made a great friend. It’s been a busy last few months, and an even busier last couple of weeks as we wrapped up, but I wanted to post a few memories that have stuck out to me since the last time I posted.

Working on a physiology project of older Joshua trees. This was a cool project because we were collecting data for an initial hypothesis, and hopefully a full research project will come from their findings!
Starting the periderm stripping project, and getting to use gear from one of Lesley and Todd’s friends! We dedicated a couple weeks to this project, and it was so cool to travel to different places in Nevada and document the periderm stripping on these trees.
Writing and sending a letter to the aliens – it is so funny that there is a mailbox for aliens on a pretty random, deserted road!

I also wanted to say thank you to our mentors at USGS – Lesley, Todd, and Sara – and to Chris. I have learned so much about Joshua trees, climate change, and scientific research, and have felt very lucky to learn from them and have their support. They’ve provided invaluable advice in terms of future careers and schooling, and have been so encouraging and appreciative of our work with them. I will definitely miss working with them!

And another thank you to my co-intern, Maddy. We just wrapped up a celebratory end-of-internship road-trip to California to visit Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks, and it was a beautiful way to round out our internship. Can’t wait to visit you in Idaho!

Heather Lake in Sequoia
Maddy and I at Mist Falls in Kings Canyon
A view from Glacier Point in Yosemite