My CLM internship is coming to an end and I am very grateful for having had this opportunity. I have gained more field experience and have had a glimpse into the world of government work. I have a better understanding of GIS through ESRI’s online training. I have developed botany skills that I previously did not possess thanks to the mentorship of Carol Dawson and Peter Gordon and to our daily outdoor adventures. I now possess a knowledge of and an appreciation for Colorado’s native flora. I had an excellent summer hiking through the foothills, mountains, and valleys of Colorado with my fellow interns. I appreciated the interest in our work that recreational hikers expressed and it was always fun to hear peoples’ reactions when I told them that I basically go on hikes looking for wildflowers for work.
To those considering applying for the CLM internship I think it is a great way to spend a summer and to gain field experience in the natural sciences. For me, pictures can be more persuasive than words, so I made this collage to speak louder about this internship.

Seeds of Success in Colorado


An encounter with a bull snake has left me thinking, “This job is awesome!” After jumping back and taking a few long, quick, nervous strides away from what first appeared to be a rattlesnake I found myself smiling widely and feeling very lucky to have the outdoors as my work environment. This CLM internship has afforded me the opportunity to start to get a feel for working for the government at the BLM state office in Colorado while at the same time getting me outside in the foothills almost every day. As an ARRA SOS intern my primary responsibility is seed collection. Little BLM land is located near the Denver area so we have been exploring the Open Space Parks of Jefferson County. Here along the trails in the foothills the wildflowers are blooming and the colors are beautiful. Few populations are ready for collection so we are mainly scouting the parks, taking notes, and making reports. Hiking and searching for wildflowers, what a way to spend the work day!