I can’t believe it’s already over :(

I still can’t believe this summer is already over! This internship was the best possible internship I could have had this summer. I learned so much about plants of the West and working in the field and how the BLM operates. I am so much more confident in my ability to learn quickly, to work well with others, and not die while driving on sketchy roads! I have really come to love the desert out here in the Great Basin, and I will never look at Utah the same as I continue to explore its sometimes subtle, sometimes ostentatious beauty.

Next, I am headed to graduate school. I know that my experiences with this internship will help as I start my masters in plant phylogeny.

I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity!

Theresa, SOS, Salt Lake Field Office

Picking seed

Well, we have picked a bajillion seeds by now, I think. Seriously, we made some great progress this last month, though it is getting pretty hot out now and I am very much done with the dust and heat. But boy can it be stunning out here! Life is good in the Salt Lake Field Office.


Seeds for days!

We are right in the thick of seed collection, here in the West Desert. It is hot and dry and I absolutely hate all the cheat grass seeds in my socks and shoes, but there is still something so satisfying about meeting goals and making collections.

Life is good out here in the desert!

BLM Salt Lake Field Office

Who would have thought there was so much alive in the desert….

I think my favorite thing about this internship so far has been coming to love the Great Basin desert! Growing up, when ever we had to drive through Nevada and Utah along I-80, I thought it was so ugly. Now, as we go out exploring every day, I fall more and more in love with everything out here! So much is alive!

I love getting to explore all over Utah and our district, and it is always so satisfying when we find a nice solid population of one of our target species!

Life is good!

Salt Lake Field Office, BLM