Sun sets on Carson

As my time here with the Carson City Bureau of Land Management Office comes to a close, I look back on all of the beautiful sunsets that I have seen over the last six months. This was a fantastic work opportunity, and I am so thankful that I was assigned to an area so ruggedly beautiful. Since June I have been able to travel throughout Northwestern Nevada and into Eastern California. Every field day was an amazing adventure with a new experience. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to work in this area and to have experienced life out in the desert. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like a change of scenery and the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in conservation. Whatever that next step might be, I know that I have come away from this internship with more than when I went into the program. Someone told me that I need to be careful when I move back, that the west will remain under your skin once you have experienced life out here and you will be itching to come back. I hope they were right.

Home on the Range

Where the deer and the antelope play…and elk, and moose, and sage grouse!

Deer Playing

Antelope Playing

In the past two weeks I’ve seen so much wildlife while we finish up our seed collecting. Driving out to the middle of nowhere to collect is getting more difficult now that most of the two-tracks are covered in snow!

No Seeds Here!

Summer in Wyoming was good to me and I’m beginning to miss it now that cold weather has finally moved in. I didn’t truly appreciate the beautiful weather and normal driving conditions until last week.


However, the cooler temperatures allow me to reflect upon the past five months and relive the awesome experiences I’ve had since arriving in Wyoming.

I have learned about so many new plants, animals, and ecosystems, as well as the many responsibilities and interworkings of the various government agencies out here, especially of the BLM.

Planting Trees With My Roomie on National Public Lands Day

I think back to the hundreds of wonderful days I had in the field this summer, and remember the different animals and plants I’ve seen.

Sucked In While Collecting Typha latifolia

Proper Technique for Collecting Typha latifolia







I’m surprised at how easily Wyoming became my temporary home, and how much I enjoy being here. I still have some time left, and I plan on continuing to make the best of this wonderful experience!

Me holding a snake I found while collecting Lupinus argenteus var. argenteus


Lara Kobelt
SOS Intern
Rock Springs, WY